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Tennessee Offices:
6339 Charlotte Pike #592
Nashville, Tennessee 37209
T:(615) 686-0286
F: (615) 807-4877
Email Usm@wsefirm.com

Arizona Offices:
P.O. Box 4593
Scottsdale, Arizona 85261-4593
T: (480) 286-7144
F: (615) 807-4877
Email Usm@wsefirm.com

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Traditional Entertainment Services:

Entertainment Law - Legal Issues related to Entertainers and Service Professionals, Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Trademarks, Performance Royalties, Royalty Audits, Valuation.

Film & Television - Contracts, Distribution Agreements (Foreign & Domestic), Film Finance, Business Formation, Licensing.

Securities - Private Placements, Regulation D, Section 504/505/506, Intrastate Exemptions.

Music Law - Recording Agreements, Publishing Companies, Merchandising, Music Licensing (e.g. Synch Licenses, Master Licenses), Producer Agreements, Recording House Agreements.

Internet/E-Commerce - Domain Name Acquisitions and Disputes, Piracy, Dilution, Infringement, Trade Secrets, Employment-related uses of the Digial World.

Software/Technology - Inbound and outbound software licenses, SaaS/Cloud-Based Agreements, reseller agreements, Data & Distribution agreements, Cloud & Web Service agreements, EULA, Terms of Use, Privacy & Security Policies, GDPR Agreements.

Cybersecurity - Computer Fraud, Cybercrime, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Publishing Law - Author's Rights, Electronic Rights, Publishing Contracts, Distribution Agreements, Rights of Privacy, Defamation.

Churches & Houses of Worship - Worship Team Staff & Contractors, CCLI and Related Licensing Uses, Employees/Staff, Non-Profit and Intellectual Property Considerations, Employment Considerations.

Media Law - Including Broadcaster's Rights, Radio Personalities, Likeness Rights, Rights of Privacy, and Rights of Publicity.

Business Planning - Corporations, S-Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, Hybrid Companies, Non-Profit.

Bankruptcy Law - Chapter 7 Liquidations; Chapter 13 Consumer Reorganizations; Chapter 11 Reorganizations.

Employment Law - Employment Handbooks, Hiring, Termination, EEOC, and other Employmen-related Matters.




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